Audio Introductions to All Creation Sings Setting 11/Liturgia 11

Feb 10, 2021 10:26:41 AM / by Augsburg Fortress

As one way to introduce the contents of All Creation Singsespecially in this challenging time, Augsburg Fortress has provided teaching videos of selected hymns and songs. Newly added to this collection are audio recordings of Setting 11’s liturgical music in both English and Spanish. 

These recordings are presented as a playlist via YouTube. Similar to liturgical music recordings of predecessor worship resources including Evangelical Lutheran Worship, these recordings can help individuals and congregations get acquainted with the liturgical music prior to leading and singing in their contexts. 

In this pandemic time when assemblies are not gathering in person, many congregations are eager to learn this new setting and may wish to utilize the recordings as teaching tools in online worship formats. If you plan to use the recordings in this way, please consider: 

  • Strengthen the assembly’s song. Find ways to use these recordings both now and in the coming months. They could be played as part of education sessions for all ages, in choir and other musical ensemble rehearsals, or other meetings. They could be linked in communications prior to an upcoming worship service, encouraging folks to have a listen in advance. 

  • Support local musicians. When a recording is made available, it can be tempting to replace rather than support local musicians. Find ways to encourage local musicians as they learn this music, empowering the gifts of those who serve among you. 
  • Secure proper copyright permissionAugsburg Fortress administers copyright for the liturgical music in Setting 11, as well as the copyright for these recordingsTheir use in group teaching or worship settings is covered at this time under an Augsburg Fortress liturgies license or a subscription. For more general information about permissions, you can read “What Churches Need to Know about Copyright. 

For more information about Setting 11, you may wish to consult “Introducing All Creation Sings” available in both Word and PDF formats. Musicians seeking basic guidance on leading Latino/Hispanic song may consult the Musicians Guide to Evangelical Lutheran Worshipavailable from Augsburg Fortress (pp. 64-70). 

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