Help Kids Connect with the Rest of Your Congregation

By Augsburg Fortress August 30, 2022

A church can be a wonderful, life-giving community to be a part of, but there can sometimes be a..

Emended Readings for the Assembly Available for Provisional Use

By Augsburg Fortress August 29, 2022

Subscribers to now have access to a provisional use resource: an emended..

Engage Kids in Congregational Song

By Augsburg Fortress August 23, 2022

As Christians, singing is one of the main ways we praise God and build community, but sometimes it..

Use Hymns to Normalize a Range of Emotions

By Augsburg Fortress August 16, 2022

Many of us were raised to hide our emotions or to view our feelings as inconvenient. This is..

Help Kids Imagine God Expansively

By Augsburg Fortress August 9, 2022

The Bible offers a huge and beautiful array of images for God, but too often we fall back on the..

Please Update Your Account Information on

By Augsburg Fortress June 16, 2022

It’s time to do some account hygiene on your account! We need accurate..

ACS Hymns and Songs Available as Anthems

By Augsburg Fortress April 19, 2022

Many of the hymns and songs from All Creation Sings, our new worship and song supplement, are..

6 Books on Supporting People with Mental Illness

By Augsburg Fortress March 8, 2022

Christianity has a checkered history when it comes to supporting those who live with mental..

6 Books on Social Justice for Clergy and Congregations

By Augsburg Fortress February 8, 2022

Perhaps, like many congregations, your congregation includes many individuals with a lot of..

16 Books by Black Authors about Race, Religion, and Culture

By Augsburg Fortress February 1, 2022

Any time of the year is a good time to support Black authors and learn about Black theology,..

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