Augsburg Fortress Faces Delays in Inventory and Shipping

By Augsburg Fortress October 4, 2021

Augsburg Fortress, along with many other retailers worldwide, is currently experiencing delays in..

Toward Outward Spirituality

By Gail Ramshaw September 30, 2021

I am an advocate for what is called Outward Spirituality. The goal of Outward Spirituality is to..

The Work of Susan Palo Cherwien

By Augsburg Fortress September 23, 2021

Susan Palo Cherwien is a poet and musician whose hymn texts appear in denominational hymnals in the..

The Work of Gail Ramshaw

By Augsburg Fortress September 9, 2021

Gail Ramshaw is one of today's most important and influential thinkers about liturgy. She is also a..

Christ the King’s Outreach through Hear My Voice: A Prison Prayer Book

By Kristine Heine August 26, 2021

In 2019, when members of the Witness and Outreach Committee at Christ the King Lutheran Church..

Coming Up: 'God's Work. Our Hands.' Sunday

By Jessica Davis August 12, 2021

If you are not yet familiar with “God’s work. Our hands.” Sunday (September 12 in 2021), it is a..

Remembering Norma Aamodt-Nelson with Easter Music for Organ

By David Sims July 16, 2021

Norma Aamodt-Nelson, 1951–2020, served as instrumental acquisitions editor at Augsburg Fortress..

Word & World Books from Fortress Press and Luther Seminary

By Augsburg Fortress July 12, 2021

The Word & World book series, now in its fourth year of development, is a partnership between..

Supporting Your Ministry with Sundays and Seasons

By Augsburg Fortress July 6, 2021

Here at Augsburg Fortress, the question “How can we support your ministry?” guides our development..


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