Manna and Mercy Interactive Edition Interview

By Augsburg Fortress March 9, 2021

Daniel Erlander’s retelling of the Bible, Manna and Mercy, has been popular with Lutherans for..

The Future of Worship

By Rebecca Ninke February 11, 2021

As vaccine dissemination makes us more hopeful about a return to some normalcy in our worshiping..

Audio Introductions to All Creation Sings Setting 11/Liturgia 11

By Augsburg Fortress February 10, 2021

As one way to introduce the contents of All Creation Singsespecially in this challenging time,..

Seminarians Create Bible Studies for Hein-Fry Book of Faith Challenge

By Augsburg Fortress January 15, 2021

The Hein-Fry Book of Faith Challenge has existed since 2015. According to its website, its goal..

Augsburg Adult Bible Study

By Augsburg Fortress January 6, 2021


Augsburg Adult Bible Study is a year-round Bible study that is released quarterly and is based..

Significant Shipping Delays Affecting Augsburg Fortress Deliveries

By Augsburg Fortress December 17, 2020

Record-breaking e-commerce orders, COVID-19 closures, delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine, and..

The National Conference for Sacred Music Goes Virtual!

By Jane Knappe December 8, 2020

The National Conference for Sacred Music (NCSM) is a unique event designed to engage church..

The Art in All Creation Sings

By Augsburg Fortress September 28, 2020

Artist Julie Lonneman created the new images presented in All Creation Sings. Lonneman also..

Our Hope and Expectation

By Augsburg Fortress September 23, 2020

For the first time, Augsburg Fortress is releasing a devotional for the seasons of Advent and..


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